Monday, July 27, 2015

Successful, so far!!!

So, it is two weeks since I started this journey (more like restarted, but we won't get into that) and I feel like things have been going pretty well. Sure I slipped a little last weekend, but I accepted it and moved forward into a new week. Other then a beer this week (and maybe a few tonight to celebrate the end of a horrible month work wise), I have been spot on with my eating.

So the good news is that I am getting the eating part down. Sure I need to probably do a better job of having snacks during the day and spreading my calories out a little more. But generally I have been coming in under my caloric goal on a daily basis. As of yesterday morning I have lost 14 pounds, which I am really excited about. I was honestly shooting for 2 to 5 pounds a week, so 7 pounds a week is way ahead of the plan. However, there is one thing I'm a bit disappointed in.

I honestly thought after two weeks of getting a good nights rest, eating better and losing 14 pounds, that I would have more energy. I need to be able to start exercising on a more regular basis. For one I know that the weight will literally start to pour off of me once I begin to exercise on a daily basis. More importantly I feel like I will not be as sore or achy when I do get some exercise. Who knows maybe I'll actually be able to get back on the mat more often (and maybe just maybe my belly won't hang over my black belt).

Starting Weight: 295 lbs.
Week 1: 286.5 lbs.
Week 2: 281 lbs.  -14 lbs.

Week 3: I'm coming for you, you better be ready!!!!

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